¡El Cocktail Conference Viene!

San Antonio Cocktail ConferenceThe San Antonio Cocktail Conference is almost upon us! Jennifer McInness of the Express News reports:

“If you think San Antonio’s cocktail culture ended with Prohibition, guess again. Cocktails will take center stage when some of the rock stars of the craft descend upon the city for the San Antonio Cocktail Conference.

“The first of its kind in Texas, the conference features seminars, classes, competitions and parties Jan. 26-29 that will showcase techniques, brands and personalities.

“Organized by restaurateur and chef Mark Bohanan of Bohanan’s Restaurant and Bar, this conference has garnered national attention because of its co-creator, cocktail expert Sasha Petraske, and because of its business model, which calls for donating all proceeds to HeartGift San Antonio. The organization provides life-saving surgery to children in countries where they would not otherwise have access to the care they need.” Read full article.

Plan now to be a part of this groundbreaking San Antonio event! Purchase your all access pass >>here.

The French 75 or Soixante-Quinze

The French 75

The French 75
The Bar at Bohanan's
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With the upcoming French 75 contest at The Esquire, it seems a good time to explore that drink’s history, which is hinted at by the question a bartender who knows her stuff will ask you when you order one: “Cognac or gin?”

The origin of the drink is unclear and disputed. One story suggests that it was created in World War I by French infantrymen. According to this particular story, French officers were allotted an unlimited quantity of Champagne, while the infantry’s share was rationed. To stretch their stock, it is said that the infantrymen would drink Cognac — of which they were allotted an unlimited quantity — with a float of Champagne before going “over the top” to attack the enemy. Continue reading

French 75 Contest Comes to San Antonio

The Esquire Tavern

The Esquire Tavern

The Esquire Tavern will represent San Antonio in a statewide contest to see who can sell the most French 75‘s in one day. Jeret Peña and his staff will go head-to-head with Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston, The Cedars Social in Dallas, and Second Bar + Kitchen in Austin.

Jeret issued the following call on Facebook:

“Now for my friends and fellow San Antonians, lets kick butt and win this contest. Starting at 11am on Wednesday Aug 31 we will begin selling French 75 cocktails.”

Visit the Facebook event page to RSVP. Let’s Go San Antonio! See you there! And remember, always drink responsibly.

San Antonio Cocktail Conference

San Antonio Cocktail ConferenceThe folks over at the Bar at Bohanan’s are organizing the first-ever San Antonio Cocktail Conference, set to take place January 26-29, 2012. Ocho Lounge at the Havana, Soho Wine and Martini Bar, and Rio San Antonio Cruises are co-sponsors. The three bars, along with the Esquire Tavern will serve as a venues for conference events. (Personally, I’d like to see Bar du Mon Ami in the mix. Hint, hint!)
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